Story Mator - Socket IO


A web app to vote on story points for Agile projects

Technologies used:

  • Next JS
  • TypeScript
  • Styled Components

See it live:

Two Samsung phones showing the storymator app


  • Ideal for story point estimation
  • Assign story points with a modified Fibonacci scale.
  • Create voting rooms with multiple users.

How it works

When working on Agile teams with frameworks such as scrum, you sometimes need to assign points to pending tasks depending on their difficulty. To aid in making this vote simple, you can use StoryMator with your team, to easily vote on tasks based on the Fibonacci scale.

Showing basic usage of the app

Multiple user support

Create a room and share the link of it with your team, this way everybody can join the room and vote. Down below is a GIF of the app, but I encourage you to try the live app with your team for the best experience.

A GIF of a Samsung phone showing the app being used A GIF of a tablet showing the app being used