Mobile QR Menu - HTML5, CSS


A mobile website that allows for PDF menus to be displayed for customers to use via a QR code

Technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • W3CSS
  • JavaScript

See it live:

3 iPhones showing an app that displays a menu via a QR code


  • Menu section where you can show the menu items to your customers.
  • Theme depending on your company style.
  • Contact section with buttons for different options.
  • Dual language mode.
  • Interactive location map.
  • Social media sections with link to different social media.
  • Share screen, where you have a QR code that you can share.

Multiple languages

You can switch between English and Spanish or any other language as required.

A Gif of an iPhone changing between the english and spanish in the qr menu app


The theme can change to fit the brand identity of the restaurant.

3 iPhones showing different theme options


You can display your menus, so the client is able to see them digitally.

3 iPhones showing different restaurant menus

Share with QR Code

You can share the menu using a QR code or with a link.

3 iPhones showing different QR sharing codes