Multi Theme Calculator - React PWA


A Calculator with different styles available to choose from, currently you can choose between Neumorphism, Glassmorphism and Minimalism.

Technologies used:

  • React JS
  • MUI
  • Workbox

See it live:



Three iPhones showing a calculator in three different styles


  • Different styles in the same application, switch them by clicking on the name.
  • Works offline thanks to progressive web app capabilities.
  • Neumorphism, Minimalism and Glassmorphism.
  • Dark and light mode for all styles.
  • More styles to come in the future.

Theme chooser

To switch between the available themes, use the theme chooser, which you can access by clicking on the style name.

A theme chooser in 3 different UI styles


It's a trend that started to gain following on 2021, companies like Microsoft and Apple are using it in its applications. If you want to try this style, a great tool is this generator, which I used to test the style before implementing it.

A calculator in Glassmorphism UI style


A 2020 UI trend; It combines flat design and skeumorphism to create designs that are in between realistic and cartoon like. If you want to try this style, another great css tool that I found is this generator.

A calculator in Neumorphism UI style


Characterized by clean and minimal interactions.

A calculator in Minimalsim UI style