BB9E V1 Head / Dome

The inside of the head will also contain electronic components which will give a better look to the robot such as RGB light and a speaker, more on that on the electronics section.


Render of BB9E Head.

The head will hold a light and a speaker to make BB9E more realistic with original sounds from the movies.

  • WS8212 Single RGB Led: RGB Led with a single connection to drive it, makes it simple to control using libraries and also has enough brightness to be seen.
  • Speaker: A simple 8 ohm speaker can be used to play the sounds for BB9E.
  • Amplifier: An amplifier may be implemented if the sound from the speaker is too low.
  • SD Card with adaptor: Any low capacity card will work since its fairly low size files
  • ESP32/Nodemcu: The brains of the head will be a board that has Wi-Fi built in, with about 4 ports which are enough to drive the proposed functions; The board will be acting as Wifi client connected to the server in the Sphere board in order to play the sounds and change the lights at request.
  • Lithium battery: 1s1p battery, the circuit shouldn’t need much current.
  • BMS: 1s battery protection and charging circuit.

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