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Alejandro Wurts

Mechatronics Engineer

Mechatronics engineer from Puebla, Mexico with interest in industrial automation, robotics and control systems research. My skill set involves Programming, Electrical Circuits and Mechanical design. Currently looking to gain more experience in the field of industrial automation and robotics.


Puebla, México
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Alejandro Wurts

Main Qualities

Innovation driven

Constantly learning about new techonologies and looking for ways to innovate in them.

Multidisciplinary Knowledge

Practice with new skills in several disciplines to have experience in how they can be integrated and used in projects.

Team driven

Experience in team management through projects that required fast pased development of a system.

Global experience

Worked and traveled internationally which allowed me to open my mind to new opportunities and new ways of thinking.


Project Managment

Familiar with tools such as Scrum methodology and Gantt Diagram scheduling system


Robot Modeling, DH parameters, Direct and Inverse Kinematics, trajectory generation

Matlab and Simulink

Experience on using Matlab for control systems and robotics

Fusion 360, Catia V5 CAD Tools

Experience in parametric design, able to design complex parts.

Front End Web Developement

Experience in creating static websites using tools like Jekyll, HTML and CSS
This website was developed by me using such tools.

Communication Skills

Constantly looking for ways to improve the way I communicate with learning new languages being a passion of mine.

3D Printing

Experience with CAD design for 3D printing as well as debugging Reprap style machines.

Microcontroller based development

Experience in developing systems based on microcontrollers with tools such as PIC CCS, PIC XC8, Assembler for 8 bit PIC Microcontroller and Arduino C++.

Python, C and C++ programming

Object oriented programming, with particular experience in programming for microcontrolers.

Language Skills

Elementary proffiency

Work Experience

May 2018 - August 2018

Engineering Intern

Nanguang Photo & Video systems.

China, Shantou

Summer internship where my main duties where to develop new lighting products using CAD design as well as assiting the company with the creation and correction of user manuals for the products in their catalog.

2015 - 2017

Sales man


México, Puebla

Part time job working as a salesman for credit card products with a focus on universities, my duties involved working in a sales team as well as Social Media based marketing and sales.


2015 - 2019

Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering

Universidad de las Americas Puebla UDLAP

Mexico, Puebla

Graduated as a Mechatronics Engineer with interest in digital systems and robotics

2013 - 2014

High school diploma

Valley High School

United States, West Des Moines, IA

International student in USA as a Rotary Exchange Student



One of my biggest hobbies is to experiment with learning new skills by making different projects that can be categorized as maker projects, such projects involve skills like electronics , mechanics, programming, carpentry etc. To find more about projects that I make you can visit the projects section of my personal website.


Since secondary school I have found rewarding to give my time volunteering in several organizations with the most involvment being with Rotary International as part of the Interact group and subsequently the Rotaract group of my town.


I'm a big fan of fiction literature with my favorite sagas being Harry Potter and Narnia.